Promote a business, club or charity organisation


Businesses, Clubs and Organisations let us show you how this can be achieved.


Our policy is to continually develop new and innovative promotional solutions which offer great value and high-perceived value incentives.  We also offer a wide range of established promotional ideas together with the skills and experience to meet your specific objectives.  Our Team are on hand to carefully consider your requirements before recommending a promotion to suit your individual needs.


To further develop these thoughts email with your name and telephone number and some details of how we might assist.  We will of course ring you back only at a time of your convenience.





Dine in Hotels have an exclusive Incentive/Promotion scheme aimed at any Business Club or Charity Organisation  who wish to use a unique method of attracting new customers in order to increase profits or as a fundraiser for Clubs or Charity Organisations.

We are confident that you could increase your turnover significantly by offering your existing and potential customers hotel accommodation for 2 people sharing in a large number of leading hotels throughout Ireland. Your customers receive a double/twin bedded room.  They simply pay for breakfast and evening meal at the hotel.  All prices are displayed on our website for each individual hotel.


If your objective is to improve sales, open new distribution points or simply to provide your customer with a goodwill gesture.


Perhaps a Club or Organisation you are involved with are looking for a unique way of a fundraiser and enjoy a few days away in the process.


Dine in Hotels will certainly help you to achieve this.



Increase Sales and Enhance Customer Loyalty


Every merchant knows that the business of business is profits. In today's highly competitive marketing environment competition grows keener. More than ever before the success of any business depends on the quality and variety of the goods and services you offer. However, how well and how often you persuade potential customers to do business has a major impact on the bottom line. Anything you do to reinforce your marketing program, especially at the point of negotiating the sale, has a profound effect on whether you make the sale or not.


Dine in Hotels provide businesses Clubs and Organisations with low-cost promotional incentives that help create more interest in your establishment.

At the same time increase your business turnover or raise badly needed funds for Clubs or Organisations.


Used properly it produces remarkable results. It is truly "the difference that makes a difference"